Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets 12 Pcs – Keto Diet for Beginners Guide 2021 – Quick Weight Loss Chart Easy Reference for 228 Keto Foods Plus Extra Keto Friendly Cookbook Recipe, List of 488 Food

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Product Description

KETO Magnets KETO Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet MagnetsKeto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Find KYONANO KETO Magnets Features

01/2021 UPDATED: Improved based on negative reviews and all the problems are solved.

NET CARBS is listed. No wrong spell. 25% bigger font. Authoritative data

8 More pieces than the first version,the maximum in the market.Fiber and Net Carbs are Listed now.100% Inspection before shipment to make sure the products remain intact when you receive them.Not only high quality but also high quantity. 12 pieces ensure more food was covered.50% bigger than the common KETO magnets on Amazon, which explains why our products stick to the refrigerator better. Check other products and you will know.Cover a more extensive range of foods. 228 common items are covered to help you stay on the correct path on the Keto diet.Special gradient color coding. Pleasing your eyes. A good choice to decorate your refrigerator.

Keto Cheat Sheet MagnetsKeto Cheat Sheet Magnets

What makes us different from others

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Better Readability

Updated font, 16% bigger than the last version, 55% bigger than the first version.

Updated sheet design. The creative invisible line helps to match the nutrition and keep the sheet neat and straightforward.

Water Guide

While juice and soda may be off the menu on the keto food list, there are other beverages you can sip on besides plain water. This magnet reminds you of what drinks you should have or cut out.

Substitution Guide

Substitutions for your favorite high-carb items can help you avoid keto diet fatigue. Finding suitable keto-friendly substitutions in the the kitchen is a lot easier with this magnet.

500 Foods List & Keto Recipe

There are already 228 foods listed on the products, and they cover a wide range of daily food that you might use. In case you need more, we have another 500 foods list for you with our rating icon, as well. We will also send you a keto recipe ebook at the same time.

Keto Cheat Sheet MagnetsKeto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Why we are cheaper but better?

As for each magnet, we are 30~50% cheaper than others. That’s the advantage of factory over most of the traders. The same big manufacturers contracted by KYONANO are also the original producers for global brands. In this way, KYONANO can provide quality goods at a lower cost by eliminating the brand premium and cutting the cost of layers of distributors and retailers.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why didn’t I received an ebook?

A: We generally send you an instruction ebook and a recipe ebook once the product is being delivered. We can’t send them to you if you had opted out of receiving messages from sellers. Please change your setting so that you can receive it.

All the data is from the authoritative database curated by the famous university in the USA.

55% Larger than the first version, 16% bigger than the first version;

Better readability due to exclusive invisible form design;


Keto Cheat Sheet MagnetsKeto Cheat Sheet Magnets

The cheapest on the market. 30~50% cheaper for each magnet.The most abundant information. Come with sixteen magnets with all kinds of info, two times and even four times as much as other products.The most useful gift: more than 70 fast-food restaurant keto choice, help you keep in keto diet even eating out.The most accurate data: providing two ways of measurement for each food to make sure you are using the most accurate data.

Keto Cheat Sheet MagnetsKeto Cheat Sheet Magnets

Perfect Accessories Kit for Beginner- Package includes 12 pcs Keto magnets. Each magnet is 3.8 x 4.3 inches. What’s more! You will receive a 500 keto food list and a keto recipe in the form of a PDF. There’re also wallet-sized cards covering more than 50 FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS. Now you can stick to the Keto diet even when eating out.
No Need to Google Items Now – If you got only four magnets, you still need to spend time to google the item FREQUENTLY. It makes no sense if KETO magnets only cover tens of food. With our 12 professional magnets, you could really LET THE PHONE DROP OF YOUR HANDS now. This set provides 228 keto-friendly items and an extra 488 foods list.
High Quality – a. 25% bigger font. b. 20% Thicker than others. Sticks to the refrigerator very well even if you slam the refrigerator door. c. The waterproof and oil-proof cheat sheet magnets are easy to clean.
Keto Diet Guide and Saving Your Time – Nearly all of our foods are keto-friendly, so it’s also a keto food guide for the beginner. Get the nutrition at a glance. NO NEED TO TURN OR HOLD ANY PAGE when writing down the ingredients to calculate the macros. It’s also a great guide when preparing a grocery list or dinner.
Compatibility & 24/7 Service – Please leave your question if you have before ordering, and we will answer in 12 hours. If you have any dissatisfaction with the products, no worries, all of our products include a worry-free 18-month and friendly customer service.


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