lldeal Ultra Thin Third Generation Vibration Plate Exercise Machine -(Tensile Device, w/Loop Band, Two Yoga Ball, Muscle Massager) Vibrate Platform Equipment for Weight Loss &Fitness

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Product Description

vibration plate exercise machinevibration plate exercise machine

Why should you choose lldeal’s VX power machine?

We believe that you are looking for the most active and effective fat-shaking machine that can activate the body’s potential, and you will have a good harvest, even exceeding your expectations. So you need to analyze carefully, what do you really need? At lldeal, losing weight and keeping off small amounts, improving circulation, increasing flexibility and better balance are the basic requirements. Our more important significance is to reduce joint and back pain, relieve disease pain and motor dysfunction. After a whole body WBV (about 10-15 per minute, about 3 times a week), proper exercise to protect joints will be more active and effective Instead of choosing to end after Whole-body vibration therapy. The external force effect (WBV) and the internal force effect (yourself) work together to make the most active and effective method.

The internal force effect can be achieved through the drawstrings (two) of the fat shaker, the tension straps for the arm strength (one), the tension straps for the arms and waist (four), the wrist force device for joint action (one), and the yoga ball (two A), a gripper (one), and a massager (one) are realized. We provide 6 kinds of fitness accessories to assist recovery and exercise, which are more conducive to your recovery and you will get good help.

vibration platform exercise machine vibration platform exercise machine

vibration platform plate machinevibration platform plate machine

platform vibrateplatform vibrate

Dimension: 27.2” X 15.4” X 5.2”


Frequency :50-60HZ




Speed :0-99 Level

Load Weight:330LBS

Family Type Vibration Platform Machine

Powerfit Elite is suitable for the whole family. You can exercise at home to keep your family healthy and get a new experience from a seesaw type of vx power machine. The improved third-generation vibration platform can effectively protect your knees, and the increase in length makes you stand more stable.

Double safety switch setting.

The increase in stability effectively protects safety.

The increase in length reduces your standing center of gravity.

Adding 0.2inch steel plate inside will not affect the weight.

Choose a high-quality base, which has shock absorption function, produces greater friction and prevents sideslip.

power exercise platform vibrate

power exercise platform vibrate

Powerfit Elite

Powerfit Elite

use manual platform vibration

use manual platform vibration

Powerfit Elite

Powerfit Elite

The metal buckle of the drawstring of the vibration platform can be buckled at the bottom.

The vibrate platform buttons can be operated directly, or you can use the remote control to control the speed and time.

The manual describes the function and purpose of each button.

Double switch protection.

Combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are more active and effective.

vibration platform

vibration platform

Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

vibration platform machine full body

vibration platform machine full body

Wrist Recovery

The role of wristIn the physical rehabilitation method, the forearm strength is restored and the wrist strength is improved.

Grip Ring

The role of a rubber grip have shown that increasing finger activity is conducive to the operation of the brain.The release of both hands and legs, full body expansion exercise for the effective recovery of muscles, blood circulation help is the greatest.

Head Massage

After warming up, head massage is better.

vibrate platform machine

vibrate platform machine

vibrate platform

vibrate platform

vibrate platform

vibrate platform

2 Yoga Balls

The role of two explosion-proof Pilates balls (9.8inch) ,It has a great effect on protecting the spine and correcting the body shape.

4 Tension Bands

Each resistance band has a different effect, from 10 pounds to 40 pounds, suitable for stage use.

A long resistance band

It is suitable for whole body exercises and a wide range of stretching exercises. Start with your daughter-in-law or partner now.

Using vibration plate exercise machine from lldeal 2-3 times a week can basically achieve the effect.

Accessory use plan–(every day):

1. Use Head Massage to massage the head, thighs, and back for 5 minutes to relax the muscles.

2. Constantly squeeze the Grip Ring with the palm of the hand, 50 times for the left and right hands respectively. Fingers are connected to the brain, mainly to train brain activity and produce positive effects.

3. The importance of the wrist should not be ignored, and only the legs should be trained. And most recoverers can do it in advance on the bed or on the sofa.

4. The yoga ball has obvious effects. It is more helpful for people with overweight lower abdomen and thick hands and legs. Each training time is half an hour.

5. Resistance bands are called universal fitness equipment. Recommended exercises that can be done with resistance bands: long-leg sitting rowing pose, shoulder press, biceps curl, vertical triceps extension training, and trombone push Stance, squat, forward lunge, reverse wood chopping… Each movement lasts about 6-8 times as a group. Do 2 groups every day. The interval between groups should not exceed 1 minute, and control at this frequency Internally, the body fat burning effect will be better.

6. The long stretch band promotes effective stretch and exercise of the whole body muscles, stabilizes the posture and controls the stretching distance, and effectively improves the physical activity ability. The longer the unit length is stretched, the greater the resistance generated. Each training time is 5 minutes.

All recovery and weight loss are carried out under aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In order for you to recover and reduce stress, please don’t ignore the role of our extra accessories. We have been recommended and supported by many California coaches,Please use it under scientific guidance.

Date First Available‏:‎September 24, 2020

INCREASE YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND RANGE OF MOTION-Stimulate motor nerves and muscle fibers through high-speed vibration of muscles, enhance overall muscle strength, Improve circulation, Boost the metabolism, Increasing flexibility and better balance, can improve the core strength and stability of the body, increase your flexibility and range of motion. Having a good range of motion has further benefits for mobility, recovery, and stay healthy.
10 minutes of exercise is equivalent to 1 hour in the gym-non-stop contracting muscles will consume your fat and promote the flow of the body’s lymphatic system, complete excellent drainage and remove excess metabolic waste from the body. Everyone can partake, especially elderly users or people who are not accustomed to exercising. Balance and posture along with muscle coordination are also improved. Eventually the Physical conditions improved.
WBV FULL-BODY EXERCISE, TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION TRAINING–Regular training is often accompanied by joint and ligament strains. Whole Body Vibration uses a gentle vibration to heal muscle without putting unnecessary wear and tear on ankles, knees, hips, and other joints.At the same time, it promotes the increase of human (HGH) levels, and helps the body heal and repair. It is the ideal choice for the recovery and healing process.
CALIFORNIA DESIGN AND 10 ACCESSORIES–Considering that bone health and rehabilitation is an extremely difficult process, especially the recovery and protection of joints. We actively responded, and also equipped with hand wrist power +4 different thickness damping bands (larger elasticity) + yellow head massager + two 25cm pilates balls+a yoga stretch band+hand silicone grip,achieve effective recovery in a short time.
Lifetime WARRANTY & LOCAL CUSTOMER SERVICE–100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Try the LLDEAL today, risk-free, and experience unbeatable deep tissue improvements from the best vibrating platform on the market!This is the most valuable VX power vibrate platform machine on the market and is your best choice.