MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO USA | Workout Trampoline For Adults | Folding Rebounder with Flat or Incline For Awesome Cardio & Tone Exercise Improving Agility | With DVDs for Fitness, Runners & Weight Loss

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Product Description

Maximus Life mini trampoline fitness logoMaximus Life mini trampoline fitness logo

The established world wide MaXimus Life fitness company was started by James Winfield, sports scientist & health practitioner, and business and technology design expert Heather Moore. Our vision has been to design the most effective and exciting exercise programs, manufacture our own high-quality rebounders and produce professional fitness video’s that deliver all the benefits that rebounding can offer. We are passionate about making rebound exercise accessible to everyone whatever the age, gender or ability. By following our fitness workouts on our uniquely designed, well balanced and perfectly sprung mini trampolines, coupled with eating healthily and making better lifestyle choices everyone can improve their fitness, health and mental well-being.

MaXimus is Latin for ‘The Greatest’ and we believe you deserve the MaXimus Life!!

The HIIT Bounce Pro mini trampoline is one of our superior range of folding rebounders designed to burn fat and help you get in to great shape and lose weight fast.

It’s clever unique design allows it to be folded in half and then in to quarters for easy space saving storage as well as having an additional incline set up option that allows you to work on an angle, increasing intensity to target different muscle groups. It is used by fitness professionals, sports men and women and home fitness enthusiasts around the world because of its super strong design and versatility providing awesome cardio and strength training workouts that deliver amazing results. Exercising on the MXL HIIT Bounce Pro rebounder forces your core muscles to engage involuntary, so your deep abdominal muscles (the muscles that give you a flat belly) are worked naturally and without effort! Bouncing on this indoor mini trampoline gives a very effective lymphatic drainage and in doing so detoxifies the body. As fat cells store unwanted toxins, it’s these toxins that make you hold on to stubborn fat, so by following our professional designed rebounding exercise programs on our low impact rebounders you can detoxify your body effectively and shift stubborn fat and unwanted cellulite more efficiently. Toning and pumping muscles will tighten and plump the skin making us look and feel younger.

✔ HIIT Bounce Pro folding mini trampoline is made of high-grade steel and precision machined component parts that make it extremely robust for everyday use.

✔ Package comes with specially designed optional incline/angled set up kit so you can alternate from a horizontal position to angled workout to vary your workouts and work different muscle groups.

✔ Weighted hand gloves for extra resistance for strengthening and toning upper body muscles.

✔ Great rebound compilation DVD with 3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Workouts) that follow the HIIT workout principles and are incredibly challenging, burning a huge number of calories whilst massively increasing your oxygen uptake/Vo2.

✔Our new HIIT DVD Rebound series are inspired by our experienced fitness professional presenters that push you to the Max!

✔ Special extra bonus HIIT Plyometric (jump training) DVD using the rebounder set up on the incline position working on power, speed, agility and balance. With awesome core workout sections, designed to give you that edge over your opponents in any sporting environment and on the playing field.

✔ Read on for more features of this product and the amazing benefits from exercising on the low impact MXL HIIT Bounce Pro mini trampoline

Choose MaXimus Life professional exercise trampolines that are kind on your joints and deliver great results!

Folding Mini Trampoline flat or incline options

Folding Mini Trampoline flat or incline options

Free weighted gloves, 2 HIIT DVD's Adjustable Incline kit

Free weighted gloves, 2 HIIT DVD's Adjustable Incline kit

Innovative design that gets the best results!

Innovative design that gets the best results!

Quality Design & Reliability, Easy Transportation

Our sports scientists and fitness experts have tested g-forces produced by bouncing on trampolines, with different tension settings, to find the best bounce and feel for producing high calorie burning workouts that maximize results from your workouts. Our adult mini trampolines are made with high quality, specially tensioned muscle shaped springs that are perfectly calibrated to provide a consistent, soft but resilient bounce that is perfect for our home and gym Rebounding fitness workouts. Choosing a good high-quality exercise trampoline sprung at the right tension is very important for delivering optimum health and fitness benefits. The MXL MaXimus Pro Brand is a time tested trusted brand that delivers great results every time. Our indoor trampolines are designed to last, are incredibly reliable and all the component parts are replaceable.

Folding design, free weighted gloves, 2 HIIT DVD’s

Our design team have come up with the ultimate fitness rebounder package that includes everything you need in the way of accessories to ensure your workouts are optimized so you get the best results possible and great value for your money. Our HIIT Bounce Pro folding trampoline comes with a unique incline kit that allows you to work on a gradient to really challenge your cardio vascular system further, and weighted gloves that add extra resistance to improve muscle strength and tone to the arms and shoulder muscles. Following our awesome new HIIT rebounding workouts designed by our fitness professionals will take your fitness to another level and give you the maximum calorie burn. The bonus plyometric incline DVD is used by many professional sports men and women to improve speed, agility, balance and coordination giving them the edge over their opponents in the sporting environment.

Innovative versatile design that delivers best results!

The MXL HIIT Bounce Pro mini trampoline comes with a FREE 3 months membership which gives access to 100s of online rebound videos with a whole variety of workouts including cardio, strength and conditioning, combat, HIIT, dance and core conditioning. It includes our awesome new HIIT rebounding workout DVD designed by our fitness professionals to take your fitness to another level and give you the maximum calorie burn, and a bonus plyometric incline DVD used to improve speed, agility, balance and coordination giving them the edge over their opponents in the sporting environment.

Our MXL HIIT Bounce Pro is perfect for professional and amateur sports men and women to get into amazing shape and improve sports specific fitness

Discover the Body you Deserve

Woman on mini trampoline for fitness weight loss

Woman on mini trampoline for fitness weight loss

Woman squat on mini fitness trampoline, rebounder for weight loss and low impact exercise

Woman squat on mini fitness trampoline, rebounder for weight loss and low impact exercise

Man on mini fitness trampoline boxing to lose weight and create lymphatic flush

Man on mini fitness trampoline boxing to lose weight and create lymphatic flush

Woman on rebounder, weight loss, lymphatic drainage and fun fitness workouts

Woman on rebounder, weight loss, lymphatic drainage and fun fitness workouts

Incredible for Weight Loss and Toning Muscles

Exercising on a well-sprung professional rebounder trampoline, with good technique and following a professionally designed exercise program will kick start your metabolism, burn unwanted fat and improve cardio-vascular health.

Just 30 minutes of rebounding a day could help you lose 1 stone in 3 weeks, burning many more calories than you would by jogging for the same period – without all the strain on your joints! The rebounding exercises in our video routines target all the muscles in the body especially our deep core and abdominal muscles that are key for helping us maintain a flatter tummy.

Kind on Joints – Improves Posture

Rebounding is the “King” of low impact exercise

Rebounding reduces up to 90% of the shock of impact compared to working out on a hard surface when using a very high-quality mini trampoline.

It is also a weight bearing exercise so helps to maintain and increase bone density important for bone health. As well as toning and strengthening the larger muscle groups of the body rebounding will also stimulate the important smaller stabilizing muscles in and around the joints which are crucial for improving joint integrity and stability, overall joint health and very importantly our flexibility. All of these are vital for maintaining and improving our posture.

Incredible Lymphatic Drainage

The energizing and bio-mechanical effects of Rebounding using a professional low impact rebounder on your lymphatic system helps flush harmful toxins, bacteria and other unwanted waste products from your body.

By constantly opposing gravity, the up-and-down rhythmic gravitational force caused by jumping on a mini trampoline, forces the one-way lymph valves to open at the top of the jump/bounce and close at the bottom of each bounce creating a pump effect on our lymphatic systems that provides an invigorating detoxifying flush! Research shows that having a healthy functioning lymphatic system can improve our immune system and reduces the time it takes us to recover from physical exercise.

Fitness just got FUN!

Rebounding, or mini trampoline exercise, is so much fun and suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels.

You are in total control of how hard you work by how hard you push into the mat surface through your legs. This controls the intensity of your workout and allows you to increase your fitness levels gradually. All these special, safe rebounding postures and techniques are demonstrated in all our videos. In the beginning 5 minutes might be enough for you to work up a sweat and this is still very beneficial. You can gradually increase the rebound exercise time and intensity of your workout by using the resistance bands and sand weights and by pushing down in to the mat surface with more force. Progressing through the different levels on the DVD when you feel ready will also give you extra motivation. The MXL MaXimus Life Fitness team have designed a whole genre of exciting rebound workouts to suit all different populations making exercise FUN – as it should be!

Best For

Group Exercise Classes

Home Use

Athletes & Sports Specific

On a Budget

Stability (leg attachement)

Spring loaded collapsable legs

Spring loaded collapsable legs

Spring loaded collapsible legs

Spring loaded collapsable legs



Quarter Folding

Quarter Folding & Adjustable Incline

Quarter Folding

Bounce Area

71cm (28 inches)

69cm (28 inches)

69cm (28 inches)

71cm (28 inches)

Frame Diameter

100cm (40 inches)

100cm (40 inches)

100cm (40 inches)

100cm (38 inches)

Rebounder Weight

12kg (26lb)

12kg (26lb)

12kg (26.5 lbs)

10kg (22lb)

Weight Limit

150kg (22.5stone/287lb)

140kg (21.5stone/287lb)

140kg (22 stone)

120kg (19 stone/265lb)

DVD Included

2 DVD’s – 3 HIIT Workouts

Handlebar Included

Optional Extra

Optional Extra

Optional Extra


Optional Extras

Weighted Gloves

Optional Extras

Woman on rebounder smiling. Mini trampoline fitness funWoman on rebounder smiling. Mini trampoline fitness fun

The fun way to get fit

couple on rebound mini trampoline maximus life reboundercouple on rebound mini trampoline maximus life rebounder

About MXL MaXimus Life

We manufacture extremely high-quality professional Rebounders designed to improve a person’s health, fitness & over all well-being. We offer innovative & varied rebound workouts. exceptional service and continued investment in all things Rebounding.Our goal is to get more people active worldwide by offering a Fun, Safe, Low Impact exercise for all ages genders & fitness levels that offers an alternative to mainstream activities.Because you deserve to “Live the MaXimus Life”.

The Rebounding Experts

We’ve been Researching Rebounding for over 20 years!

Our MaXimus Rebound technique focuses on a controlled downward push, unlike trampolining where the aim is to jump up high and slow.Landing first through the balls of the feet staying close to the jumping area.Constantly working against gravity, sends your calorie burn through the roof! Rebounding this way gives you an incredible feel good endorphin release.Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago and research into rebounding has proven its many health benefits, including:

Improves & strengthens the cardio vascular system effectively

Greatly reduces body fat burning 100’s of calories

Detoxifies the body & drains the lymphatic system

Improves & boosts the immune system

Improving and correcting poor posture

Strengthening bones & joints

Improving balance & proprioception

Improves muscle tone and tightens the skin

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Package Dimensions‏:‎32.68 x 15.75 x 5.51 inches; 1 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎November 23, 2018
Manufacturer‏:‎MXL Maximus Life Ltd

✅ FEEL FITTER: VOTED BEST ADULT FITNESS TRAMPOLINE. Increase your speed, agility and coordination with our rebounder, used by top athletes and runners who want to get an edge over their opponents! Use the brilliant 1lb weighted gloves included with the package to add more resistance for increasing strength and power to gain more speed when running.
✅ MOVE FASTER: BEST HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING REBOUNDER. Our exercise trampoline includes a special incline kit for cardio workouts (rebounder also works in regular flat horizontal position). Foldable design with spring-loaded folding legs takes seconds to set up. 40 inches in diameter. 32 large springs make it super strong, and very low impact, so it is very kind on the joints. Maximum weight: 330 pounds. Full warranty and spare parts service available.
✅ PUSH HARDER: YOUR INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS FROM REBOUNDING include increasing cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, strengthening joints and muscles, burning fat and 100s of calories, tightening the skin, lymphatic drainage and detoxifying the body
✅ GET LEANER AND SHREDDED WITH OUR ULTIMATE HOME FITNESS PACKAGE: Includes free 3 months online workout membership. Stream a selection of the world’s best rebounding workouts 24/7. Package comes with a high energy HIIT Rebound compilation DVD with 3 intense cardio workouts plus a bonus incline program for the ultimate fitness challenge that gets great results!
✅ REBOUNDER ALREADY ASSEMBLED – Unlike other offshore companies – We Offer Fast Customer Service Responses – BUY NOW AND CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AND FEEL 😊