OUSEON New Smart Hula Hop,Intelligent Record Data and 360 Degree Massage,Fits 23-51 inch Waist and Easy to disassemble

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Product Description

not fallnot fall


hula hoophula hoop

Suitable for the crowd

Postpartum mother:After childbirth, after the baby is born, the fat on the waist will inevitably increase and the abdominal muscles will relax. Hula hoop exercise has a significant effect of reducing fat. However, remind you that post-partum mothers should exercise according to their physical condition.Office worker:Long-term office work and driving will stress the sciatic nerve of the body, causing backache and muscle stiffness. In addition to rest, proper exercise can better protect the body and improve work efficiency.Student groups: Classes, homework, and exams put a lot of pressure on students. In addition to daily study, rich extracurricular activities are also essential. Intelligent hula hoop, can exercise the overall coordination of the body, fully move the waist, so that the spine is uprightOther:Some obese people.Not recommended for children and the elderly.

Introduction of Each Component

 waist fitness

 waist fitness





Seamless Track

The built-in seamless track adopts roller type sliding to make it run more smoothly.High-strength steel bearings have longer service life and more flexible rotation.

Adjustable Size

The size can be adjusted according to the waist size, and the disassembly and assembly are extremely simple and convenient.Each section can be disassembled. Pay attention to the docking between the card slots when assembling. When you hear a sound of “ka”, the assembly is successful.

Soft Rubber Massage Head

The soft silicone massage spherical surface is intimate with the skin and fits the waist, making exercise more comfortable.360° surround massage, shock absorption magnetic therapy. Massage while exercising.



centrifugal ball

centrifugal ball



Smart Record

Multi-function dial, record your every exercise data, including laps, time, calories, etc. Allows you to control the amount of your exercise every time.We recommend that every exercise should be controlled for 5-10 minutes and rest for two minutes.

Gravity Ball

The weight can be adjusted by adding or subtracting gravity blocks in the gravity ball, which has achieved the effect of generating different centrifugal forces.For first time users, it is recommended to reduce the weight appropriately.

The Magnetic Hula Hoop

Before use, please double-check whether the components are fully assembled to prevent accidents.Now, let’s start burning our fat!

Life Means Movement and Physical Exercises.

weight lossweight loss


Before using the hula hoop, please check whether the hula hoop is completely assembled, especially the use of weight hammer.Do warm-up exercises, especially the activities of the waist muscles, to allow them to fully contract and relaxExercise should be done step by step, the amplitude should not be too large at the beginning, the time should be controlled within 30 minutes, after exercise, proper stretching and relaxation should be done.Exercise and relaxation should be carried out simultaneously. It is recommended to have an exercise schedule. In the middle of each long exercise, there should be several short breaks.When exercising, it is recommended to wear tights or bare waist, and then use a hula hoop. Avoid wearing loose clothes for exercise, otherwise it is easy to get the clothes into the gap.erseverance is victory, and soon, you will see a different self!!!

Package Dimensions‏:‎17.3 x 12.8 x 3.7 inches; 2.8 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎October 22, 2020

【Excellent design】: Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to carry and use. The length of the belt can be increased or decreased according to individual needs. The hula hoop is fixed at the waist, and the centrifugal force of the gravity ball is used to drive the muscles of the whole body. There is no need to worry about the hula hoop falling down. The waist counter can accurately record your exercise amount.
【Comprehensive Upgrade】: Optimized structural design, each section of the locks is more closely connected to prevent jams and breaks. The gravity hammer adopts rope traction, which is easier to generate centrifugal force and runs more smoothly.
【Super fat burning】: Fully active body, especially has obvious effect on waist fat, non-stop exercise, can make your body continue to burn fat, and will not worry about being depressed because of the drop of hula hoop.
【Suitable for the crowd】: highly recommended for those who love beauty. Suitable for yoga, weight loss, fitness, office workers, students and other groups. Suitable for home, outdoor, grass, gym and other places.It is not recommended for the elderly and children.
【Important note】:When exercising, it is recommended to wear tights or bare waist, and then use a hula hoop. Avoid wearing loose clothes for exercise, otherwise it is easy to get the clothes into the gap. Please pay attention to the swing range of the gravity hammer to avoid touching furniture and objects during exercise.


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