Review of Some Foods, Fruits and Cycling. Whether these are helpful for weight loss or not

 Review of Banana for Weight Loss

Banana is a powerhouse of energy and have rich fibers contents. Although Banana may not be helpful in direct weight loss directly but it should be a part of the balanced nutritious diet to help gain energy through out the day. One Should take banana, but in very limited extent.

Yellow Banana may not help in weight loss much due to its sugary in nature but Green Banana can help a person to achieve weight loss aim due to its bitter in nature. Weight is some how linked with sugar too.

in the early morning you can take Green Banana for weight loss as well as for better health.

Conclusion :- Green Banana at Early Morning can be helpful in Weight Loss.

Review of Coffee for Weight Loss

Well their are no solid evidence that Coffee might help in slightly in weight loss. but there are no solid evidence that caffeine is helpful in solid weight loss. there are 2 plus and 2 minus points are for coffee in general. 
Plus Points are 
It control appetite and it improves the metabolism. These 2 points are in favor of healthy weight loss.
Minus Points are 
Coffee is rich in Caffeine which may leads to poor sleep and thus sugary content may increase in human being. These 2 points are against for healthy weight loss.
However Coffee is also of many types. and among those Black Coffee can help you achieving your weight loss efforts. Because black coffee has zero calories, fat and cholesterol and have many anti-oxidants. Black Coffee also have caffeine which helps in metabolism. all these points helps in healthy weight loss.
Conclusion :- Not all but Black Coffee helps in Weight Loss due to various anti-oxidants and zero fat, calories and 0 cholesterol.

Review of Corn for Weight Loss

Well corn is high in fiber but at the same time it is high in starch too which can spike blood sugar levels and prevent weight loss aims if it is takes in high volume. In moderation corn can be said as healthy eating due to fiber and other anti-oxidants. but especially for weight loss purpose, a person should consider better options as compared to Corn. But no doubt corn can be a part of healthy diet.
Genetically Modified corn is in no way helpful for weight loss as in genetically modified corn many anti-oxidants are destroyed.
Conclusion :- Corn is very less helpful in weight loss aims. If aim is just weight loss Corn should be avoided due to its high in starch.

Review of Cycling for Weight Loss

In 1 Word Cycling is one of the best option for weight loss and overall health due to number of reasons
Cycling is one of the best Cardio Exercise or Cardio Workout. Cycling helps in better blood flow, which improves the hearth health, mental health, lungs health, build your muscle strength and lower stress level. It is helpful in your metabolism, suppress your appetite and help you a lot in weight loss mission. Cycling is considered as 1 of the best weight loss exercise. Even a 30-40 minutes cycling in a day can help you achieve your weight loss mission. if you go on long drives then it can further helps you in weight loss. How much cycling you should do it all depends on how much weight loss do you want for yourself. Normally cycling upto 60 minutes a day is ideal for weight loss.
Conclusion :- Undoubtedly Cycling is helpful in weight loss. but cycling too should be in limited extent.

Review of Honey for Weight Loss

Honey is a good replacement of sugar. Honey with lemon in luke warm water undeniable help in not only weight loss but also it have other lots of benefits too. Honey has the healthy anti-oxidants which prevents weight gain and kills those harmful bacteria which helps in unhealthy weight gains.With Lemon, Honey improves the metabolism, improves digestion which ultimately improves health and helpful in weight loss also if it taken in Luke warm water.
Conclusion :- Honey with lemon is helpful in weight loss if the combination is taken in Luke warm water especially in early morning.

Review of Oats/Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oats/Oatmeal is rich in fiber and protein and low in calories. It is helpful in burning calories and also have lower cholesterol and lower in carbs. For all these reasons Oats/Oatmeal is considered as 1 of the Super-foods for weight loss. Oats/Oatmeal should be considered by those who wanted to lose their excessive weight.
Conclusion :- Oats/Oatmeal helps in Weight loss due to high in fiber and lower in cholesterol level.

Review of Mango For Weight Loss

Mango is a part of healthy diet plan. But it has lots of fructose. Look Excess of everything leads to damage and bad. If mango is consumed in discipline manner and in very lessor quantity it can help you achieve good health. there is no secret that foods or fruits that at lower in calories density or calories per grams helps a lot in weight loss goals. Mangoes have only 0.6 calories per gram, which makes mango as the lower calories food.
You can replace part of your meal and take mango in that meal. For Example if you are eating 4 chapatis then you can take 3 chapati and 1 mango. Or if you are a non-vegetarian then you can have mango too by parting with some of your non-vegetarian food. 
You can take mango at the time of breakfast or mid-meal (lunch), But you should avoid mango when you are about to sleep or going for sleep. as it can harm your digestion if you are taking it at the time of sleep.
Mango is definitely a good option as compared to artificial foods and beverages for weight loss.
Conclusion :- Mango may be helpful for weight loss if it is taken in a disciplined manner. You should try to take mango for replacement of part of food not in addition to your food for maximum benefits.

Review of Pineapple for Weight Loss

Pineapple is also rich in fiber. Pure Pineapple juice is extremely high in enzyme called bromelain which is extremely good for metabolism and helps a lot in burning fats. (Here Pure Pineapple mean juice means there should not be any sugary content or artificial additives). So yes Pineapple helps not only in weight loss in healthy ways but also it is a store house of other health benefits too. You can eat 1 pineapple a day for achieving weight management or healthy weight loss aims.

Conclusion :- Pineapple helps in weight loss due to high in fiber and bromelain.

Review of porridge for Weight Loss

Fiber is 1 of the main nutrient which is essential for healthy weight loss. And guess what porridge also is extremely beneficial in weight loss. You should do Oats Porridge for this as Oats Porridge is best for weight loss.

Conclusion :- Porridge is good for weight loss due to its high fiber nutrients.

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